How to Feel Calm and Relaxed on Your Wedding Day

How to Feel Calm and Relaxed on Your Wedding Day.

The lead up to the wedding day and all the mixed emotions you have endured during the planning is one of the reasons why the name #bridezilla rings a bell... We get it! There are people coming and going, there’s a timeline to stick to and it’s your wedding day after all!  It is easy to become overwhelmed with a combination of this all, so to help you stay cool, calm and collected as a total #bridechilla, we’ve put together our top tips to stay calm and be present on the day.


The more prepared your preparations are in the lead up to the day, the less you will have to stress about! It’s simple! Take the time to go through all the finer details and not only stay on top of your planning… but stay ahead of it. Prepare not only for the wedding plans that you have been working tirelessly on for months but also for the elements that you may have initially missed which make the day itself easier. Things to consider in your preparations:

·         Wet Weather Options

·         A spare and most importantly comfortable pair of heels

·         An additional shirt for the groom

·         Your wedding emergency kit including pain relief medication and anything else you need!

It’s the small things leading up to the day which will make a big difference and keep your mind at ease. If this is all sounding too much to handle and you’re already starting to feel overwhelmed, let an expert take care of the preparations, whether it’s a wedding planning service or on-the-day-coordination, let us bring your vision to life so all that’s left for you to do is get married!


All of your planning needs to be complete one week before the day. End of discussion. Do not leave anything to the last minute or push plans aside until the final moments, don’t do it!! This includes completing all DIY projects, having your bags packed (for the night of the wedding and the honeymoon), putting all items aside to be delivered to the venue, settling final payments and confirming all the details with your suppliers to ensure you’re all on the same page! The week of the wedding should be left to sit back, unwind, take it all in and pamper yourself with a manicure, pedicure, hair prep and tanning in preparation for the day.

If you are someone who generally feels overwhelmed or lets stress get the best of them, this is the time to pre-plan. Allow additional time the morning of to have breakfast, get your hair and makeup done, put your dress and shoes on so you don’t feel rushed or pushed for time. On the day, if you need a moment, take a moment. Remember to embrace your emotions, if you’re feeling happy, nervous, anxious, excited or all of the above, it’s completely normal! If you need to let it out and cry, then cry! (It’s my wedding day and I’ll cry if I want to). Just try and cry before the makeup goes on or at least wait until it sets…

Focus on Yourself

As a bride, you get one day where the focus is entirely on you! The only person almost as important as you is your partner so the day is about no one other than yourselves. In saying this, as the bride, you do not need to know if someone doesn’t like where they are seated, you do not need to know if someone decides to not show up last minute and you definitely do not need to know if a guest has all of a sudden decided to become vegan. If you don’t have a planner, assign a bridesmaid, friend or relative to be in charge anything that may arise.


Don’t Sweat the Small Stuff

If you notice something isn’t exactly how you pictured, it’s okay! Do you know why? No one else in the room knows what to expect other than what is right in front of them (and trust me, it will be beautiful!). On the day, you need to be focusing on what is in front of you, your groom! All of your suppliers know where to be and what to do so trust them to take care of all the details, capture the perfect shots and run the day on time, they will tell you if you need to be somewhere, the wedding day is not for you to tell them.

Don’t Forget to Eat!

Even if you are feeling too anxious the morning of to eat something, you absolutely have to. Some people say to eat healthy, high-protein, energy boosting foods… honestly, we don’t care what you eat, just eat! A croissant, a crepe, fruit, cereal, a pastry or two, we’ll leave this up to you! Remember, no one likes a hangry bride… Realistically you won’t have time to enjoy the delicious menu you spent months creating so make breakfast count! If you are staying at a hotel, have your maid of honour communicating with the best man so you don’t show up for breakfast at the same time as your soon-to-be husband!


Choose a Calming Inner Circle

With everything that’s happening on the wedding day, you’ll want to be surrounded by those who can carry the stress for you and those who make you feel most at ease. This isn’t just for the day of, but also the night before! Choose these people carefully including your suppliers so that everyone coming in and going out of the room helps you stay calm with positive energy.
It is your wedding after all…

Relax the Night Before

NO MORE PLANNING! All the preparations and plans are now complete and all that’s left for you to do is spend the night with your carefully selected inner circle and get a good night’s sleep. Waking up the next day feeling refreshed can make such a difference to your overall mindset and energy levels. (This is of course different for our destination couples who arrange welcome parties the day before the wedding. In this instance, try and have an earlier welcome party so you are in bed at a reasonable hour or arrange your wedding day to start later on so you can actually sleep the night before).


Start the Day on the Right Side of the Bed

If you can, have a little sleep in and enjoy one of your last night’s sleeping in a spacious bed on your own! After you have eaten something, take the time to clear your mind before you start getting ready, whether it’s going for a walk, doing some yoga or taking some deep breaths whenever you start to feel overwhelmed, breathing will be a powerful tool on your wedding day to stop those nerves! Just remember… you’ve got it easy as you’re not the one waiting at the end of the aisle while they wait for you to walk down, it can feel like a lifetime in this moment!


Your wedding is both the longest and shortest day of your life. The longest because you’ve spent weeks, months or years planning for the perfect day and the shortest because the actual day flies by. There is nothing worse than a bride that has spent so much time planning but is so focused on the details that she actually forgets to be in the moment. Remember, everything will always fall into place, so stay present, be in the moment and absorb all the special moments around you. Once you lock eyes with your partner, you’ll realise this is the only moment that matters.