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Bridesmaid Dresses!

One of the most common questions we get asked is ‘Where do I find the perfect bridesmaid dress!?’. With so many options available, it’s getting even harder for brides to find the right bridesmaid dress that suits their personal style, their bridesmaid’s style and sizing as well as a dress within budget – especially if you are having a big bridal party!

We’ve narrowed down five top bridesmaid designers to make this decision a little easier… so you can go back to all your other planning.

1. Natalie Rolt

One of our favourite brands for bridesmaid dresses! They. Just. Get. It. Simply beautiful dresses that are easy to wear and look even more beautiful on than they do on the racks! They have their key signature styles available in a range of colours but if you’re on a budget, NR may be more suited to someone with 1 or 2 bridesmaids as their pricing varies from $500-$750 per dress. Worth it though!

92 Stirling Highway, North Fremantle WA 6159


2. Dollhouse Bridesmaids

Now I must admit, when I first went into Dollhouse with one of my brides, there were dresses everywhere, brides everywhere and bridesmaids everywhere! But we persevered through the crowd and made our way through. It’s best to look online before going into the store so you have an idea of what you are looking for! Pricing starts at about $500.

Personally, I love a simple, elegant dress but don’t be deterred by the glitz & glam if that isn’t your style, they do have beautiful, simple pieces also, and for the little bit ‘extra’ bride wanting some sparkle… you’ve gone to the right place.

436 Forest Road, Bexley, NSW 2207


3. White Runway

Similarly to Dollhouse, there is a lot going on in the White Runway store! But take your bride tribe, make an appointment and head through to find the perfect dress. They offer a wide variety of dresses across many styles and their pricing varies anywhere upwards of $290 depending on what you are after.

21/21 Collins Street, Alexandria, NSW 2015


4. Sheike

Don’t be afraid to look into your favourite clothing stores for bridesmaid dresses also! Although Sheike don’t specialise in bridesmaid dresses, they offer a range of full length dresses that could work perfectly (and won’t break the wedding bank!). Some of their dresses start at $150 and others $200. Finding a dress in season will be your biggest challenge as they will generally offer more bridesmaid style dresses in their spring or summer ranges.


5. Asos

Asos? What? Yes, you read right, did you know Asos have a specific section dedicated to bridesmaid dresses? Jump online and see for yourself. They have dresses starting from just $80! Do you know what else is great about Asos, free returns! This eliminates the risk of buying a dress online.