The Most Important Do’s For Your Wedding, Other Than Your ‘I Do’s’.

The planning is complete, the final coordination’s are in order and the day is rapidly approaching, you’re getting married! All that’s left to do is make sure you and your SO (significant other) are in the best possible mindset for your big day. It is so easy to get caught up with everything leading up to the day that not enough brides and grooms have scheduled any down time in their perfectly created schedules! Now is the time to focus on yourselves before the big day and prepare yourselves mentally and emotionally for one of the most significant days of your lives.

The following guide outlines the most important ‘Do’s’ to remember for your wedding day, other than your ‘I Do’s’, of course.

Do – Spend some time not thinking about the wedding

You must be thinking ‘are you serious?!’. As hard as this may seem amongst all the plans leading up to the day, I can assure you, if you spend one night without a mention of the word WEDDING, you’ll wake up feeling refreshed as planning can (sometimes) consume you and it’s easy to forget what else is going on around you. Take a step back from your plans (they will be there in the morning) and spend some quality time with your SO, whether it’s watching a movie at home or having a date night, not only will this clear your mind but you’ll be able to reconnect with your partner if your mind has been all wedding, wedding, wedding.

Do – Treat yourself

Treat yourself! You’ve earned it! There is no better excuse to treat yourself than in the lead up to your wedding. There’s always an excuse to push this aside, whether you are time poor or have splurged way too much on the wedding that a spa day is completely out of the budget (there’s always a bath with some bubbles, your favourite book and a glass of wine… or two – just make sure you don’t run a bath the night before post your wedding spray tan!). Take the time to relax and switch off around you, there’s always a way!
Tip: Make sure if you book a treatment close to your wedding day that you don’t try a brand new facial that someone recommends as you don’t know how your skin will react!

Do – Plan ahead

With all the planning, it is totally understandable that a few things on your growing to-do list may slip your mind. There may be a time that you’ve forgotten about the things you pushed back months ago, some plans that have fallen off the radar or you remember something in the final moments… this is why you should avoid putting things aside and do them when they first come up, even when you really, really don’t want to. This includes all scheduling and briefings so you don’t have anyone asking you questions on the day and everyone knows where to be and when! Next comes packing! Whether you’re travelling locally or internationally, put all the items together in one suitcase so it’s all in order the day of. After this, all that’s left to focus on is getting your bridal beauty sleep!

Do – Let it go

However way you want to remember this one, if it’s singing the frozen track when someone on the day does something that has you visualising escorting them out or politely directing them off the cliff (for our destination brides)… On the day, you’ll need to learn to let it go… let it go! Whilst your diligent planning will pay off, at some point, someone (believe it or not) may not be happy with where they have been seated, may decide to change their meal preference, or be unhappy with a certain someone invited to the wedding… the list goes on and you get the point. Whether or not you make it your problem or leave them to resolve it on their own, it will not change the situation. This moves onto our next point of putting someone else in charge. If you find the right person to take over, then you won’t even know about it in the first place.

Do – Put someone else in charge

If you haven’t learned this already, now is the time to learn and live by this word – DELEGATE. You’ve done the sleepless nights, the countless hours planning and with the day approaching, you’ll need this word now more than ever. Find someone who can take charge on the day and help turn your mind off before you put yourself into OCD overdrive. No matter how much of a control-fiend you are, this is something you need to do. Your wedding day, at the end of the day is about you and your partner and if your partner can’t find you because you’re trying to fix flower arrangements, re-light the candles or are a step too close to the pool adjusting the decorations than you’re acting more like a planner than the bride! Personally, I forgot to remind our coordinator to put flower petals in the pool (that I transported to Greece from Australia). Does it still keep me up at night? Occasionally. Is that normal? Probably not. But that isn’t the point. The point is, I let it go on the night and no one else knew these details except for me (and now anyone else reading this). Let someone else take charge on the day and put your mind at ease.

Do – Take a moment away from the crowd 

The ceremony is finished, you’ve taken photos, done the table rounds, thanked everyone, introduced your SO to the random person sitting at table 8 that your family just ‘had to’ invite. Now is the perfect time to take a moment for 5 minutes away from your guests with just you and your husband or wife! You’ve just gotten MARRIED and the day feels completely surreal and like a whirlwind, take the time for the two of you and take it all in. In this moment there is nothing more important than the two of you and being in the present. You will feel refreshed and have had a chance to see your SO if you have been pulled in opposite directions all night. After you’ve taken a moment, do your speeches, have your first dance and dance the night away!


I’m sure you’ve heard it all before ‘your wedding day flies by’. This repetitive statement was drilled into my head leading up to the wedding. If you are someone like me that feels the need to take control of everything and may have some serious OCD issues, especially when it comes to the most important day of your life…. Then it is very easy to get carried away with everything around you. Take the time to enjoy all the things you spent weeks, months or years planning for. You have worked so hard to make this day possible and now is the time to revel in what you have accomplished.  It is so important to let go in these moments and let the day unfold while you sit back and enjoy every minute.

Hopefully these guidelines have settled any last minute jitters and calmed your mind from all the chaos going on to ensure you are ready for the day. If you’ve read this and you’ve realised all the things you have, in fact, forgotten to do, do not stress! That’s why we are here. We can help you tie in the last minute elements and be there on the day to make sure it all runs smoothly. Send us an email and we’re happy to help settle those nerves and make sure this is a day you’ll always remember, for all the right reasons!